Chemical leak causes issue near Keystone Drive in Coffee County

First Update (3/23/12 3:30 PM)
As of 3:30 Friday afternoon authorities is Coffee County say the stannic chloride leak that was coming from a shipping container has been limited. The container itself has been sent off for inspection and the rail car neutralized. Residents are still being asked to stay away from the area.

Initial Story
Coffee county authorities have evacuated the Keystone Drive area due to a stannic chloride leak.

Emergency management crews in Coffee County are on scene of a chemical leak in the Keystone Drive area, east of Douglas. Authorities say the chemical is stannic chloride and the leak is coming from a container on a train. Environmentalists and Hazmat crews have taken the necessary precautions of evacuating the area and say the leak isn't a concern to anyone else. Crews expect the leak to be taken care of by Friday afternoon but the roads surrounding the railway will remain closed until they give the "all clear". The report of the leak came in around 4:30 Friday morning.

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