Chehaw wraps up Native American Festival

J.J. Kent, 2009 Flutist of the year performed at the Native American Festival Sunday

The Native American Festival over at Chehaw Park wrapped up Sunday after a thrilling three-day run.

The event, which began Friday, had lots of interesting attractions, including Native American storytellers, tribal dancers of all kinds, musicians and folks demonstrating different skills of the time, such as constructing bows and arrows, building a fire, tanning hide and building baskets out of strips of wood.

They still had a lot of activities going on the last day of the festival.

"Well, we've got J.J. Kent, the 2009 flutist of the year playing the flute and singing as well. We'll have our Native American dancers, R.C. Mowatt and the Plainsmen as well as our Creek Stomp dancers and our Aztec dancers will be coming on," said Ben Kirkland with Chehaw Park.

If you missed it, make plans to see it next year, and of course you can still see the year-round attractions like the new meerkat exhibit just added this past year.