Chehaw turns 75 years young

Chehaw celebrates 75 years. / Sean Streicher

In 1937 what was then known as, Chehaw State Park, was developed on 586 acres of donated land.

75 years later, the park is going strong. Zoo Director Kevin Hils, says this has a lot to do with the people of Southwest Georgia, "it's a community that's invested in its self. To have an institution like this that's been around for 75 years is kind of a feat."

Today the park has expanded to almost 800 acres, and includes camping, Frisbee golf, a BMX course, and even a zoo. To celebrate, the park is offering free admission throughout the month of August.

It's clear Chehaw appreciated the communities support however that feeling is reciprocated, as the community appreciates having a park like this in Southwest Georgia

"It's great to have something like this that Albany can say; hey we have this to offer to southwest Georgia. You know in Atlanta they have the Atlanta zoo, and big metropolitan areas have something like that, but to have this here in Albany is a pretty good gem for Dougherty County," says Chehaw guest Houston Daniel

Chehaw is showing no signs of slowing down as they plan to open there new African Veldt exhibit Labor Day weekend

While a lot has changed over the year people have continued to enjoy this outdoor retreat.