Chehaw saying goodbye to Rose

One of the Red Wolves that call Chehaw home. / Colby Gallagher

Chehaw Wild Animal Park is getting ready to ship off one of their endangered red wolves to Tallahassee for breeding purposes.

Rose was entered into the Species Survival Program, an online matching pool for endangered animals and was found a mate.

The park says these wolves were once found in the wild throughout the eastern and southern central United States and now can only be found North Carolina so it's very important to make sure they're correctly matched to their mates depending on their gene pool.

The SSP's goal is to maintain 98% genetic diversity of the breeds they hold in captivity. Right now there are around 200 red wolves maintained in US breeding grounds.

Chehaw is also a breeding ground for the red wolf but has already matched some of their animals and says although they're sad to see Rose go, they understand what is best for the population.

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