Chehaw Park painted with winter lights

Monkeys dance in the Chehaw forest. / Jessica Fairley

For the next month southwest Georgians will have the opportunity to take a trip through a winter wonderland of lights.

Friday night was the opening of the Chehaw Festival of Lights.

Since Chehaw has a zoo, the festival's theme is animals.

In the well lit forest, you can find antelopes leaping across cars and monkeys lighting up the trees.

While visitors are expected to view the lights from their cars, there is an area set up for family time.

"There's a place where people can stop, get out of their cars, go for a train ride, which is very cool. There's also a place to roast marsh mellows over an open fire. So it's kind of a nice little festival area for people to get out and have some fun," said Doug Porter, Executive Director for Chehaw Park.

The Festival of Lights will run from November 30th until December 30th.

The price is $15.00 per car.

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