Chehaw needs your vote!

Chehaw is in the running for America's Favorite Park / Sean Streicher

With voting for America's Favorite Park set to end July 15th, parks are doing some last minute campaigning to help them get on top of the list.

Coca-Cola and their Live Positively campaign sponsor the contest, which awards a $100,000 grant to the winner. You can vote for any national, state, or local park, Chehaw is hoping to get a tally from anyone ranging from first timers to experienced visitors.

Over the years, the park has been able to add a variety of attractions for its guest, but Chehaw Zoo Director, Kevin Hils, says that doesn't mean there's not still room for improvement, "We do need some help with everything from doing some treatment to the BMX area. We want to be able to improve what we're doing with our disc golf course. You know the new bat tower we just put up, the Casa de Luna...things that are coasted that enable us to do the things that we need to do make this an exciting and amazing park."

The grant would help Chehaw fund these projects. They're currently sitting in 69th place with just over 20,000 votes. They hope to make it into the top 25 which would make them eligible for a random $15,000 grant.

Visit the Live Positive website to vote for the park of choice.