Chehaw holds their 20th annual Frontier Festival

Chehaw's 20th Annual Frontier Festival / Courtney Highfield

Chehaw Park is traveling back in time for a few days to learn how to live just as people did in the 1800's. This weekend they are hosting their 20th annual Frontier Festival.

Those who are participating in the event spend the weekend living in tents and teepee's, finding and cooking their own food, building fires, making their own clothes, and learning how to survive without modern-day technology.

The Frontier Festival welcomes people to come spend a day with them and learn how to live off of natural resources.

Ben Kirkland, the Natural Resource Manager at Chehaw, said one of the most important reasons they hold this festival is to teach children about the history of this country. Kirkland said he has learned that in order to engage the kids in learning you have to provide them with a hands on experience, and the Frontier Festival does just that.

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