Chehaw begins sewer line project

Photo Credit: File

Survey stakes are in the ground and some trees are coming down in preparation for new sewer lines that will wind their way through Chehaw in the coming months. The $1,250,000 sewer project was approved by Dougherty County voters as part of the SPLOST VI package.

"This will be a big economic boost to the Park and to the Albany area," says Executive Director, Doug Porter. "It will allow us to expand our campground, improve our rental facilities, and perhaps add more cabins." The second phase of the project will include improvements to the waterfront that will include a new RV campground and a renovation of the Chehaw boat-launch ramps.

The sewer line will replace a dozen, aging septic systems that are scattered throughout the Park as this phase of the project extends to the playground and campground. The Wild Animal Park will not be a part of this project. "It is unfortunate that we must cut down trees," said Porter, "but fortunately, we are only removing pine trees which are a renewable resource. We will replant when the project is completed."

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