Check-it-out before you check-in

How clean is the hotel room you're staying in? Inspectors work hard to find everything, but issues can still be found. / Albany hotel guest

Checking-in to a hotel often means check-out the room. One Albany customer relieved his stay, sending pictures of mold, dust, and debris inside the Albany hotel he stayed at.

District Environmental Health Director for Southwest Georgia, Dewayne Tanner, spends many of his days inspecting those same rooms and says twice-a-year, each hotel has to be checked.

"The first thing is our inspections are unannounced, so we come in, we get a representative from the hotel, and we randomly pick several rooms," said Tanner.

From there the search is on, for anything and everything.

"We go in and look at linen, to make sure it's been changed, if you see pests in the room, leaving droppings or anything like that. Make sure there's no mold in the bathroom, and that everything is in good working order," said Tanner.

But is that twice-a-year check good enough? One local Albany resident doesn't seem to think so.

"No, people are filthy," said one Albany resident.

And that's the reason Tanner says being vocal about issues on your next stay is key to keeping those rooms clean.

"Absolutely, that's the only way we're going to know, obviously if a hotel has 30-rooms, 40-rooms, we're not going to get but a small percentage of those, so we're not going to see a lot that they'll see," said Tanner.

Tanner says during your next stay remove the comforter, as most hotels don't wash it after each guest, and added that for peace of mind, do your own spot-check when you first check-in.

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