Check fraud a growing problem in Georgia

Now check criminals are using technology

Authorities say check fraud is something that just won't go away, now they're trying to educate consumers.

On Tuesday the Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs announced a partnership with about 60 banks for the 'Don't Become a Target' campaign.

They say these fake check scams typically work with scammers sending real looking checks or money orders to consumers and asking them to wire some money for something else in return.

or example a consumer may be told they have won a lottery and are asked to send money for taxes before they can claim the rest of the prize. The consumer looses that money and is often stuck with a bad check.

Officials in Albany say technology is aiding the criminals.

"It's definitely on the increase with the advent of computers and the ability to buy check stock at office supply stores. Criminals have taken advantage of that and routinely counterfeit checks," said Capt. Jimmy Sexton of the Dougherty County Police Department.

Officials say the average loss is between $3,000 to $4,000. They say if anyone is promising money by asking for money most likely it's a scam.