Changing a life with a different kind of donation

9-year-old J'ason Walker looks for a different kind of gift that could save his life. / Matt Prichard

9-year-old J'ason Walker is looking to find a correct Bone Marrow match, that could potentially save his life. J'ason and his parents held a bone marrow drive today in Sylvester in hopes of finding that elusive perfect match.

Jason's mom, Shalonda Polk, says it's such a blessing to have the community come out and support their family like this.

"It really means a lot to our family, just for people to come out and just participate, just to help out. Cause we got a lot, I mean it's a lot to do," said Polk.

Polk started the drive after they learned that neither her, nor J'ason's father, were a match for the 9-year-old Sylvester resident.

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