Changes on the way at the Dougherty County School System

The Instructional Services and Accountability Committee for the Dougherty County School System met to discuss changes that will happen in the future.

School Board Member Darrel Ealum says he's looking forward to computers being given to his system's students.

"We'll start in an elementary school and then move it to a middle school the move it to a high school with this one-to-one technology and it's not going to be a pilot program and its not. We already have done our pilot program and we know it works," said Ealum.

A new pilot test called "Parks" will be also be introduced, which school leaders say could benefit the school system.

Assistant Superintendent Diane Daniels says "so far 24 states have joined in consortium and Georgia is one of the leaders of the 24 states and it's probably one of the leaders moving towards a national assessment."

Technology will also play an important role in the assessment.

"The nature of the assessment will be based on technology because students will actually have to explain how they came up with an answer. It's no longer a,b,c, or d," said Daniels.