Changes in store for SWGA newspapers

The Albany have hired Ken Boler as the new General Sales Manager. / Sean Streicher

Change happens and in efforts to keep up with the times, the Tifton Gazette and Moultrie Observer have announced they will no longer be publishing a Saturday edition.

"It bothers me, I'm not going to be able to get the ball scores from the local football teams," said Observer subscriber Marty Oberleitner.

The Gazette and Observer are owned by Community Newspaper Holds Inc. and released almost identical statements Saturday that state the changes reflect the world around them, and they had to "attune their work to the realities of the business and demands of readers and advertisers."

Both papers say they will continue to use their website and mobile apps to get the news out, but for some, it's just not the same.

"Some of these younger folks I can understand would just like to go on the internet but I like to hold the paper, just old school I guess," said Steven Lazarus, an Observer reader for 25 years.

The Albany Herald has also announced some changes. Last week, they eliminated the positions of publisher and advertising director and hired Ken Boler as the new General Sales Manager.

"We just need to be a little bit slimmer and little bit faster and little more concise on what we're doing," said Boler.

Boler will be responsible for the retail and classifieds advertising and he says readers shouldn't see any change in service, and no matter the platform readers choose, the customers will always be his number one concern.

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