Chainsaw crew volunteers continue clean up efforts

Stewart's chainsaw crew calls themselves "Stihl Bustin Wood" because they are still out every day volunteering. / Photo by Sophie Keyes

Storm volunteer leaders are worried about volunteer numbers dropping. After the January storms impacted the lives of many in Southwest Georgia, volunteers from all around the country, and within the community stepped up to help those in need.

Volunteer crews do not want people to forget there is still work to be done. One of the biggest concerns for Jason Stewart, a chainsaw volunteer, is older, taller trees in the area.

In case other storms hit, Stewart advises people to look out for any hanging limbs.

"A lot of people don't look up. They just look at what's in the yard when you look up and have stuff hanging that stuff has to come down because if we don't bring it down nature is going to and then we can't control it. Then it could damage property numerous things," Stewart said.

Stewart also added he believes there could be hundreds more trees to attend to in Albany, meaning volunteers are still very much needed. Without volunteers, it will be a longer road to recovery.

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