Center needs community support after thieves steal copper

A local organization that helps less privileged families is now asking the community for their support.

the Family Literacy Connection; located at 406 West Highland Ave. has been closed since Monday; after officials noticed their air conditioning units would not turn on.

They discovered that thieves broke into their back fence last weekend and took off with the copper wires from the units.

The center helps families become self-sufficient by assisting parents to earn their G.E.D. They also offer child development classes for their children as well as after school activities. On average, they help about 60 families a year.

Students and parents have not been able to attend classes due to the warm interior. Executive director Sandy Bamford said it is already hurting a tight budget that has already seen many cutbacks.

"It saddens me that people would steal copper that they probably got $20 for. It is costing us about $2,000 to repair that. That is $2,000 that we cannot spend to help our families."

there are no suspects at this time. Bamford said they may install cameras if they can manage to get enough money. This was the first incident at the Family Literacy Connection.

If you would like to help, visit or call 229-888-2414.