Cemeteries flooded with flags on Memorial Day

A figurine holds a flag at Crown Hill Cemetery and Mausoleum. / Jessica Fairley

In honor of those who passed away, many families made a trip to the cemetery for Memorial Day.

Those with Crown Hill Cemetery and Mausoleum in Albany say generally on Memorial Day they see a large increase of visitors.

Families that come out bring flags, flowers, and balloons for those who served in the military.

There aren't many rules as to what items cannot be left behind but cemetery workers ask families to respect the dead.

"There isn't much etiquette involved other than maybe not stepping on graves that are marked. Things like that that may be etiquette that people will want to observe," said David Stern, Owner of Kimbrell-Stern Funeral Home and Crown Hill Cemetery and Mausoleum.

Flags and other items that are left behind may remain at the cemetery until they are removed by family members.