Celebrities hit the fields for Quail Unlimited

People from all over the country are in town for Quail Unlimited

The Quail Unlimited Celebrity Conservation Event is back in Albany.

Hunters from all over the country are hitting the fields for the 25th annual Quail Unlimited Celebrity Hunt. "Albany is the quail capitol of the world, if you want to see wonderful habitat have great friends good fellowship in a nice city, Albany is the place to go," says hunter and former Grand Ole Opry General Manager Bob Whittaker.

Folks travel from near and far each year to hunt the Southwest Georgia Plantations, but it's not just the hunt that brings them this way. "I love the comradery I loves being with the friends you've made over the years. I love to get out like this and walk the fields," says Country Singer Jim Ed Brown. "You meet a lot of people over the years and you want to see them, but what a pleasure it is to get out in the country especially here in South Georgia and all of the beautiful plantations where the people voluntarily let us come in and hunt. They have all kinds of quail and it's a lot of fun."

While hunters enjoy coming out here to shoot they say the real joy is working side by side with the dogs. And for many out there this weekend, it's more than a hunt, it's a way of life. "To get to go out on a weekend or afternoon and follow a couple of good bird dogs and I've owned bird dogs all my life. It's just one of the great joys in the world," says Whittaker.

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Raw footage from the Quail Unlimited hunt