CASA holds seminar for at risk teen girls

A group of at-risk teenage girls got some special attention and motivation Friday.

Dougherty County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) held a seminar at the Albany police department, aimed at getting the girls to see themselves in a positive light.

They say many of the girls are battling issues like teen pregnancy and low self esteem.

"They're working through their attitudes. Some of them are teen mothers are learning how to do parenting. How to take care of their babies. How to talk to each other. A lot of them don't like themselves. So we are teaching them how to like themselves in order to love someone else," said CASA Program Director Evelyn Cookley.

Each of the girls pledged a commitment to a five-year plan on where they want to be in life. Officials with CASA say they plan to meet with the girls monthly to check on their progress.