Career Services Department are putting in extra work

This economy is hitting recent college graduates hard when it comes to landing that first job .

We spoke with local career services departments on what they're doing to help.

Despite the rocky times, the Career Services Department at Albany Technical College is making big strides when it comes to their graduates.

Director of Career Services Judy Jimmerson says "our current infield placement rate is 90 percent which means that 90 percent of students actually go to work in their program of study in areas that are related to their program of study. Our total placement rate is 98 percent."

Albany Tech says they're aggressively trying to hold on to their high placement rate. They even have an area for students to do quick job searches and interview rooms for employers.

"We have to actually keep them encouraged by offering as many opportunities as possible for them to actually interact with employers" said Jimmerson.

The recession has presented some challenges at schools across the country and Albany State University knows first hand what others are experiencing.

Terasita Smith, Career Development Specialist at Albany State University says, "it's a very competitive market, not only for the students but there some challenges that are presented to us in career services is working with employers with many of them saying that they're saturated with different staffing needs and budget cuts."

ASU is not discouraged and they have programs to help prepare their students.

"Working with them with mock interviews and resume writing and critiquing and talking them through several resume seminars" said Smith