Career Day at Lee County Elementary School

Students hear about life as a Lee County Firefighter

Fourth grade students at Lee County Elementary School got a glimpse into what it's like to be a firefighter, insurance agent, and police officer during their career day.

Most of the students were extremely interested in the information sessions with the Secret Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 9-year-old Landon Stafford says he's very interested in the FBI because they have long distance walkie talkies, handle guns, and bust the bad guys. "His job is so cool, he protects us and we don't even know it" says Stafford.

During a session with Georgia Power students learned about electrical safety and how to handle fallen cables and why not to fly a kite near power lines. Georgia Power Engineer Toni Moore says they are happy to participate in the career day. "We wanted to emphasize that learning never stops that it's a lifetime process. Math is vital to our career. Codes and safety rules change continuously, so we're always learning new things" says Moore.

Lee County Elementary School Counselor Blake Reeves says the school wanted to begin exposing students early to different careers and how school ties into them. "What they do right now will determine what they will become. So if they learn how to study hard and to put forth their best efforts, then they'll be successful in the middle school, high school, and college" says Reeves.

Not every student got to sit on a field they are interested in, Carmen Lord says she wants to be a pop star and would have preferred to talk to Miley Cyrus!

10-year-old Erica Sellars say she was eager to participate and now has a starting place to think about her future career. "I don't know what my career is, but I'm interested in being in the CSI or being a veterinarian. I know I just have to go with my passion" says Sellars.

The third graders held a career fair on Tuesday and the fifth graders will have their career fair Thursday.