Car wash raises money for Family Empowerment Center

On Saturday they held a classic fundraiserâ?¦ a car wash

A new community outreach center is set to open in about six weeks, But they still need some help before they open up. On Saturday they held a classic fundraiserâ| a car wash.

But while it starts with cleaning cars. The larger goal is to help clean up the community.

"Our abstinence program, our DP program, where going to offer after care. We're going to offer community classes, computer classes, job training. You name it we're going to offer it," said Bridgett Mack, co-founder of the new center.

It'll be called the Family Empowerment Center, scheduled to open July 30 on 2200 East Oglethorpe. The plan is reach children through artistic expression.

"We really do believe that the performing arts can open up a world of creativity and expand the minds of people so we are going to use that as a foundation for here," said Mack.

But before they can accept people, they're taking cars. They say so far the response has been good.

"One guy he came back twice. He brought both of his cars trucks and everything," said Javaz Williams, one of the car washers.

Most of the interior work in the building has already been completed but they still need to furnish the building with things like books, office supplies, furniture and art equipment. That's why even after the car wash they are still taking donations. If you are interested in donating call Bridgett and Travis Mack at (229) 942-5125.