Car upkeep during hot temperatures

Photo Credit: Jessica Fairley

While southwest Georgians brave the heat, car mechanics are saying don't forget about vehicle maintenance.

They say check and replace the air filter frequently because a dirty filter can affect the air conditioner. Also maintaining levels on all fluids can prevent engines from overheating. Some of these fluids include engine oil, transmission fluid, and antifreeze or coolant.

Mechanics at Goodlife Tires on Oglethorpe Blvd. say keeping a lookout for leaks is also important during this heat.

"If you see any leaks other than the normal water from the air conditioner, get it checked. If you have a battery that needs to be checked make sure you do that as well," said Goodlife Tires Assistant Manager Joel Davis.

He says heat is a car battery's worst enemy because it can weaken the battery's power.