Car tips for holiday travel

Holiday travel car safety. / Jessica Fairley

For travelers there's a lot that goes into a road trip: planning, packing, and getting to your destination on time, but before hitting the highway make sure your plans aren't halted by car trouble.

"Check all your fluids in your cars," said Georgia State Patrol Assistant Post Commander Corporal Scott McClure.

Power steering, brake fluid, coolant and engine oil all should be monitored.

In addition to checking and topping off fluids, look for leaks. Mechanics say a small drip can easily turn into a bigger problem.

The owner of Goodlife Tires says drivers often overlook one important step.

"Make sure your tires have plenty of tread on them," said Goodlife Tires Owner Chris Basko.

Also check the tire pressure. Low air pressure can not only make the tires wear faster, but it may cause the vehicle to use more gas. Most automobiles have a sticker in the driver's door that provides the recommended air pressure.

Once the tire inspection is complete take a look under the hood.

"Your battery's a good thing to check. If you're going north then it's going to be a lot colder, so your battery is going to be more crucial," said Chris Basko.

Although taking the time to check your car may delay your travel plans, officials say it's better to catch a problem before hand than be stranded on the side of the road.

"We just want to make sure you get there safe," said Cpl. Scott McClure.

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