Car show draws 100+ vintage rides

Photo Credit: Allen Carter

Mike Arnett is a car guy, but there are not many cars that he loves more than his own.

"This is a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro; it's got a big block Chevrolet, a five speed transmission, A.C., power steering, power brakes," said Arnett.

And he was one of dozens who showed off their ride; some old, some new, at 38th Annual Artesian City Car Show.

"The oldest car in the field is a 1928 Model A Ford and the newest is probably a 2011," said show organizer Deborah Dougherty. "So it's anything. Any type of collector, classic, future classic, special interest."

For Arnett, he's had this car since he was a teenager. Keeping it in top condition, he says, is a labor of love.

"It's the car me and my wife dated in, got married in and I still have it," said Arnett.

And talk to any of the owners and your likely to find story and some affection behind their cars.

"This is my baby. I treat it like a little kid. I don't touch it, I don't drive it. I don't let anybody sit in it," said Cecil Gamble. He found his 55 Chevy five years ago at the bottom of a swamp.

"I had retired and got bored and decided I wanted to do something to get me off the couch and I wanted to find the worst 55 Chevrolet that I could find and I did. I found this one in a swamp. It had been underwater since 1962," said Gamble.

Gamble says he wasn't a car guy. It took him three years and more than $40,000 dollars to restore his Chevy.

"We do it just for people to come by and ask us about it and let us tell them our story and that's where I get the pleasure, I love for people to come by and say man that's pretty because it didn't start off this way," said Gamble.