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      Car-lovers rev their engines at Moultrie Swap Meet

      Over 2,200 hundred cars revved their engines at the 22nd Annual Fall Moultrie Swap Meet and Car Corral / Colby Gallagher

      Over 2,200 hundred cars revved their engines at the 22nd Annual Fall Moultrie Swap Meet and Car Corral, an event that allows car collectors to trade or purchase one-of-a-kind vehicles.

      "So many people get to see them here. You can't just sell these cars anywhere, you got to get them in a place where someone's looking for it," said David Hall, the owner of a 1955 Chevrolet 210.

      Over 40,000 tickets were sold to people throughout the United States. Organizers say it's great for South Georgia's economy with all of the visitors.

      "The closest hotel room that you can get if you just show up out of the blue is probably Valdosta. Lake City, Thomasville, Tifton, Moultrie, Valdosta, Adel, they're all sold out," said Kyle Kelley, whose father created the show.

      Those who came out say it's worth the trip because of the opportunity the event gives car-lovers, especially those who own vintage vehicles.

      "It's kind of hard to sell cars in this market though, so people come out here, it's a swap meet, to try and wheel and deal," said Huey Obester, who is trying to sell his car.

      To sell a car like Obester's, owners say you have to find that special kind of market and they've found it at the Moultrie Swap Meet, despite the economy.

      "I actually sold the car earlier today," said Hall, referring to his bright turquoise Chevy 210.

      "There's several people that have my number that are going to call tomorrow when the banks open. First come, first serve. Whoever has the money, they're going to get the car," said Obester.

      "We traded one and sold one and we'll be back in February," said Larry Wehunt.

      Now that the show is over, organizers are planning to make their other show in February just as successful.