Car break-ins on the climb, take precaution

Albany Police Sgt. Edward Heath discuss car break-ins. / Jessica Fairley

Albany police have seen a spike in car break-ins. They say during this time of the year and during the holiday season, these types of crimes happen more often.

They're asking drivers to take all safety measures to protect their property.

Officials say when people leave their car running while they're inside a store or their home, it could be easy access.

"You're giving criminals first the opportunity to steal your vehicle and second you're giving him the opportunity to get all of your information," says Sgt. Edward Heath, Albany Police Department.

Wallets, computers, cameras and cell phones can all be taken with a quick swipe.

Jeremy Brown, an Albany driver, says he's learned from the mistakes of others.

"I've had friends have firearms and stuff like that stolen out of their vehicles before," says Jeremy Brown.

Because of this, Brown is proactive about protecting his belongings.

"Just make sure my windows are always up especially during the summer time and don't leave anything visible to the eye," says Jeremy Brown.

While Brown is cautious, some continue to take a chance at losing what they've earned.

"We're encouraging everyone to not leave anything of value in their vehicle. Don't give that criminal an opportunity to get anything," says Edward Heath.

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