Car accident on Liberty Expressway shuts down traffic lane

Albany police and fire officials are on scene at the wreck. / Matt Prichard

UPDATE: 6:00 P.M.

All westbound lanes are clear and open for regular traffic.



A car wreck at the Liberty Expressway and Jefferson has left a lane of traffic closed.

Albany police say the Westbound lane of the Liberty Expressway is being shut down as the the traffic heading west is at a dead stop.

Officials encourage you to avoid that lane and take an alternate route as opposed to the Jefferson exit.

No injuries have been reported at this time and the wreck is still being investigated.

UPDATE ------

Two cars collided on the Liberty Expressway Tuesday after one, traveling West, attempted to make a U-turn in the grass median. The car then attempted to merge, hitting another vehicle.

Erik Taylor was driving the car that was hit by the illegal merger and said he couldn't believe what was happening.

"I was wondering what the heck is this guy thinking about, making a U-turn in the middle of 70 MPH traffic, that's just crazy," said Taylor.

Police are still investigating the crash, however no injuries have been reported at this time.

UPDATE --------

Driver one: Anthony Davis, Jr. (08-1989)
Vehicle: Chevrolet Malibu

Driver two: Eric Taylor (07-1991)
Vehicle: Forge Ranger Pick up truck

Driver one was east bound when traffic slowed down in front of him. With not enough time to stop, Davis crossed over into the median and struck Driver two head-on. No one was transported by EMS.

Davis cited for Following too closely.

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