Captain Mack Green retires

After 30-years of service, Captain Mack Green retires from the Albany Police Department. / Matt Prichard

30-years ago Ronald Reagan was president, I wasn't born yet, and Captain Mack Green of the Albany Police Department was just beginning his career. Fast forward to Friday, Green celebrated his retirement with friends, family, and fellow officers.

"I hate that I won't be with them everyday like I am now. I enjoy everybody, I love everybody, I get along with everybody and I'm going to miss them, I'm really going to miss everybody," said Captain Green.

Green started with the Albany Police Department after graduating from Kansas State University, a decision he says was easy to make.

"I'm from Albany, I could've gone anywhere else but I decided to come home, spend some time with my family after college. And I applied for the police department, got a job, and I've been here ever since," said Captain Green.

Green's fellow officers say despite his retirement, green will still affect the community in a positive way.

"He's a man of integrity, loves working with children, as he's coaching now with children. So that's what you need to give back to the community as a form of service, because that's all we are is a higher form of service," said Albany Police Department Lieutenant, James Williams.

And when asked what the key is to a safer Albany, Green says it comes down to moving as a community against crime.

"We just have to come together as a whole, the whole city, not just half, the whole city, and work together so we can make this thing work," said Captain Green.

Green plans to spend his retirement coaching youth baseball and football, while enjoying some quality time with his family.