Candy Fest draws thousands for Halloween

Fall Festivals in Albany. / Jessica Fairley

Many trick-or-treaters spent their Halloween at various fall festivals around Albany.

Sherwood Baptist Church held Candy Fest at Legacy Park on Old Pretoria Road.

Close to 5,000 people turned out to the event.

Organizers wanted parents to have a safe environment for their kids to enjoy the night and pick up some treats along the way.

There was even a section dedicated to parents with special needs children.

"We've created the buddy zone at Candy Fest for those families who say 'that's nuts there's no way I'm taking my special needs child out there. I have a hard time just getting to church.' We have a special place inside the tennis court so it's safe and all the games are designed for them," says David Joiner, Youth Minister with Sherwood Baptist Church.

This is the third year that Sherwood has held Candy Fest at Legacy Park.