Candlelight vigil honors victims of domestic violence

Several members of the community gathered for the candlelight vigil held by Liberty House. / Sarah Bleau

A woman tells a crowd at Liberty House's candlelight vigil for domestic violence vigil about her ex-husband shoving scissors in her ears and once leaving her in a closet to die.

It causes the crowd to gasp and wince.

The Liberty House held this candlelight vigil to remember the victims of domestic violence as well as celebrate the survivors.

"It's important to remember the victims; I mean every single life mattered. And I think so many times it's just a number so it's just trying to bring a face to that person," says Katalina Valdes of Liberty House.

Many people have a connection with domestic violence.

"A friend of mine whose boyfriend beat on me," says Stacy Howell.

"I know a lot of people who has been involved in domestic violence and it really hurt a lot of people that was involved," says Tia Jordon. "I kind of grew up in a home that way where there was a lot of fighting and disagreements and everything and it was just not good on the family."

"I've never known anyone personally or in my direct family but I've seen and helped in cases where I've seen people and what they go through," says Jaleseya Goodall with Dougherty County CASA.

Thursday night was a chance for them to remember these people.

While not everyone has a personal connection with domestic violence, people who attended the event had the chance to commemorate at least one person. Each attendee received a card with the name of one of the 81 victims who died from domestic violence in Georgia during the last year.

"So that when we're reading the list of the names, as the person's name is called someone stands up," says Valdes.

The people at the event want to bring awareness to domestic violence â" that it is an issue and that there is help for victims.

"They do have support, they do have people advocating for them," says Goodall.

"Speak out, speak up, talk about it, get help," says Jordon.