Candidates vie to oust long term Congressman Sanford Bishop

Debate held at the Century Fire Station in Lee County. / Jessica Fairley

The race for Georgia's 2nd congressional district seat heated up Tuesday night as three candidates participated in a debate in at the Lee County Century Fire Station hoping to win votes.

Rick Allen, Ken DeLoach, and John House are all vying to oust the long term and current Congressman Sanford Bishop.

"I believe the people are saying Mr. Bishop we thank you for your service, but you've lost touch with us," said candidate Ken DeLoach.

"I've found a number of people that has voted in the past and their beginning to think maybe something different needs to happen," said candidate John House.

"The main campaign thing is the economy," said candidate Rick Allen.

Each man says they know and have what it takes to bring change to Washington.

"We need to do a lot of things on the national level that will help the economy locally and we need help for our farmers. Our farmers face regulations. They face the EPA," said Rick Allen.

While Allen aims to be the representative of the people in district two, Ken DeLoach, a pastor and teacher, says he also represents the district.

"I understand where the average man lives every day. I work paycheck to paycheck. I grew up on the small farm. I know farming. I know what they go through every day," said Ken DeLoach.

"When I look at the quality of life for the second district, the quality of life has gone downhill, particularly in the last few years," said John House.

House says one way to attack this is to bring back jobs. He says his 26 years of service in the army is proof that he's a strong leader who's able to make this happen.

Candidates say in order to win Georgia's 2nd congressional seat voters will have to get proactive and rally in support.

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