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      Candidates meet as election grows closer

      Election Day is just one week away, and the Albany City Commissioner candidates for Ward II and ward III once again joined together on Tuesday evening to answer the public's questions.

      The forum was held at Darton State College where students and Albany residents were encouraged to submit anonymous questions to help them form a decision on who to vote for.

      "I think it gave a good enough opportunity to make a decision but not enough questions in my opinion were answered. I think it just really gave us a fact to see who is running for that position," said Mahlon Randolph."You get a grasp of where the candidates are coming from, what their priorities might be, their level of experience, what they like to do, what they bring to the table, said Matthew White.

      Many said they attended the forum because it's a great way to hear the answers to some hard questions that everyone is asking.

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