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      Candidate's husband defends his acts caught on camera

      Thousands of page views have racked up on a video of Colquitt County Clerk of Court Lynn Purvis's husband taking down campaign sign's for his wife's opponent, Shannon Hart. While incriminating, Purvis's team says there's more than meets the eye.

      "At the request of the landowner he came and took the signs down and as a courtesy to the other campaigner was going to let them know that he didn't destroy their signs, he just simply took them down following the request of the landowner, said Campaign Manager Chris West.

      The land pictured is owned by a local company, and employee Kim Holmes says she's the one who relayed the message, but it wasn't exactly a request.

      "He asked if the owner did not give permission for anybody else to put their sign up was it okay if he took them down and the owner said he didn't care," said Holmes.

      Holmes says Purvis initiated the issue, but she also doesn't agree with how the video is portraying his act as malicious.

      FOX 31 reached out to Shannon Hart who declined to go on camera saying he'll let the video speak for itself, but he isn't going to press charges. However, lawyers say taking the sign down with permission is legal.

      For now, both sides will continue to move forward with their campaigns.