Cancer talk at the Phoebe Women's Health Fair

Phoebe's eleventh annual Women's health fair was held this morning at Phoebe Health works in Albany.

/ Sean Streicher

Phoebe's eleventh annual Women's Health Fair was held this morning at Phoebe Health Works in Albany.

Today's main topic of discussion was lung cancer which the leading cause of cancer related deaths.

The fair is held every October, so it coincides with breast cancer awareness month, and attendees learned how early detection can increase your chance of survival.

"Screening in breast cancer is important, because if the breast cancer is caught extremely early, then the survival rates are improved", said Shawnta Speer a Hematologist and Oncologist, with Pheobe.

Organizers say when women come out to health fairs, a lot of times they bring what they learn back to their families.