Cancer and Naps on the agenda at Phoebe meeting

The board at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital met Wednesday and began discussing a new cancer prevention program put on by the American Cancer Society. The survey will look for 400 participants and use new techniques that haven't been used before.

"One new feature I'm aware of is they're actually taking blood samples from participants. So they'll actually be able to check the genetics, and be able to differentiate people that ultimately develop cancer, from those that don't develop cancers," said Chief of Staff, Dr. Steven Wolinsky.

Dr. Wolinsky also says he's thrilled to have this new study at Phoebe and hopes residents around Albany will take full advantage of it.

"I'm excited that it's available to the Albany area, that we can help participate in a national based study, couldn't be better," said Dr. Wolinsky.

But the board not only discussing saving lives, also speaking on a new program that makes life a bit more comfortable for newborns. It's called "nap time" and it gives mothers and their new babies a chance to nap together in complete silence. And experts say it's something that can create a closer bond that often is hard to create.

"It's hard for mothers to get used to napping at the same time as their babies, so we're trying to give them a couple hours where they can calm down and they can take some time and rest with their babies," said VP of Women's and Children's Services, Tracy Morgan.

And with any new program it can be tough to get everyone on board, but Morgan says "nap time" has been an easy transition.

"Its been such a positive thing, its been sort of a surprise. When you start something you new, you kind of expect a little bit of pushback, but actually from day 1 it's been so positive, and the patients have appreciated it," said Morgan.

"Nap time" has been used in hospitals throughout the country and officials with Phoebe say they plan to keep it around for years to come.

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