Cancer Action Network headed to D.C. for support

Cancer Action Network makes 10 year milestone. / Jessica Fairley

Representatives with southwest Georgia branch of the American Cancer Society are celebrating a milestone that's been a decade in the making. The group is aiming to gain support for research funds.

The American Cancer Society's Cancer Action Network Celebrate with Action program is ten years old and supporters say this mile marker is the perfect time to garner support and rally for help.

During the birthday party at the State Theater in downtown Albany, supporters signed a banner to take to Washington D.C. with hopes that lawmakers will recognize the need and send funds for cancer research.

Local organizers say they've already reached out to Georgia officials.

"I had a meeting with congressman Bishop's office last week and they seemed very pro of what we're doing and I'm hoping that they sign on with us and say that they are going to fund cancer research," said Ella Campbell, a representative for the American Cancer Society.