Canceled flights, icy WG&L responses continue after winter storm

Delta cancelled all flights at the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport the day after icy conditions hit Albany

Even though sleet and icy conditions concluded Monday night in Albany, the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport cancelled all inbound and outbound flights for a second day in a row on Tuesday. Airport Director Yvette Aehle says snow and ice in Atlanta is causing delays in Albany

"What I say to people is they need to make sure to call ASAP before they leave their house because if Atlanta is looking the same as it is today we won't have any flights tomorrow either," says Aehle.

One traveler from the snow-covered Quad-Cities doesn't mind.

"I'm going to miss a couple of things but I don't mind spending another day or two in this spring-like weather down here," says Gwen Jamison, who traveled to Albany to visit her daughter. She says she's excited to spend another day with her.

Other travelers are not as patient.

"We've had a few that have called the airport office not understanding that we don't control the airline," says Aehle

If you are traveling out of the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport in the coming days, Aehle says to call the airport at 229-883-0548 or Delta Reservations at 1-800-221-1212 to see if your flight is canceled or not.

While on Tuesday the local airport was more of a ghost town than bustling travel hub, the Water, Gas & Light Commission was busy as they continued calling customers about their complaints from down power lines brought on by the icy conditions.

Icy weather brought icy customer responses to the Water, Gas & Light Commission on Monday.

"We were being cussed out, we were having horrible racist things said to us," says Lorie Farkas, a customer relations representative at WG&L.

Even the day after, Farkas says she's still shocked and saddened at people's reactions during the icy conditions. She says people could have gone to other places with power instead of staying in their cold house.

She says when she suggested one customer make her kids peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while they waited for power and the stove to work again, Farkas says the customer sounded offended when she was just trying to help.

"While people were calling us saying they were so cold in their houses and I know they were, our guys were out in the field in that freezing cold, wet, rainy, sleet weather," says Farkas. She says ten WG&L crews fixed power outages from 4:30 a.m. Monday through 1 a.m. Tuesday.

Farkas says she's disappointed citizens did not handle the power outage in a better manner.

"In our worst times we need to show our best selves, not in our worst times show our worst selves," says Farkas.

Ice took down phones lines at the Water, Gas & Light Commission on Monday, but customer service employees say they made sure to reach out to customers when they were running again.

"I called back about 30 people that had left me a message and everybody was as nice as they could be. They thanked me for calling them back," says Farkas.