Can your child identify the enemy?

Photo Credit: Jessica Fairley

Local agencies have teamed together to inform parents and children about the danger of strangers.

A 'Crimes Against Children' workshop was held at the Albany Law Enforcement Center Monday evening to help jumpstart communication between parent and child.

"I learned never to talk to strangers because you don't know who they are," said Kendall Staton, a student and participate of the class.

Mildred Green, with Albany's Recreation and Parks Department, informed both children and parents about the dangers that surround them.

"I wanted to put on a workshop that can bring the public out so they can get some information about how to protect their kids and to know things that they can do to protect themselves," said Green.

During the lecture, children learned about statistics that surround child abductions and how to identify the enemy, which could be anyone they don't know.

"If you're out, you're not supposed to walk away with strangers or talk to them," said Keyanna Staton.

Officials stressed that danger can come in many forms. With new technology and the internet a stranger could be inside your home.

In order to be safe on the internet you have to have your parent's permission. You have to let your parents know what you're posting and you have to be able to let your parents see what you're posting," said Jordan Karr.

The children weren't the only ones learning a lesson; parents were also taking notes.

"I didn't realize that actual males were pretending to be females to talk to young males. That was shocking to me," said Anesie Oliver.

It was so shocking that she said after the workshop she and her son will have the talk and this open line of communication is what organizers of the event want.