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      Can you think F.A.S.T when it comes to a stroke?

      Strokes are the fourth leading cause of death in the United States and every four minutes a life is claimed because of it.

      Officials are sending out a reminder that people need to be aware of the warning signs.

      The National Stroke Association has created an acronym to get the massage across.

      They say F.A.S.T is one way for people remember the symptoms.

      "F" is is for face. Signs of drooping in the face can be an early indicator.

      "A" is for the arms. If a person cannot raise their arms above their head, it may be another sign.

      "S" represents speech. People should watch for any signs of slurred speech.

      The last letter to remember is "T."

      T is for time. Time is of the essence because time loss is brain loss. So if you notice any signs or symptoms of stroke you need to call 911 immediately, says Remy Hutchins, Infectious Disease and Health Promotions Coordinator for Southwest Georgia Public Health.

      Hutchins says strokes can prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.