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      Can you spot the new addition to the Flint RiverQuarium?

      Henry is the new addition to the Flint RiverQuarium.
      The Albany Flint RiverQuarium has a new eight-legged guest.Henry the Octopus is now calling the RiverQuarium home and has been there for about two weeks.

      He's is a Caribbean two spot octopus that is a part of an octopus species that doesn't get any larger than a lemon.

      The octopus has false eye spots to distract predators.

      It's known to eat shrimp, fish and sometimes even other octopus.

      Come down and see him quick because they live about a year and he was an adult when we got him. So just hurry down and see him. He's a nice little octopus, says Robert Brown, Flint RiverQuarium Curator.

      He says octopuses are the smartest invertebrate that there is.