Can you Say Camelopardalid? I knew you could.

New meteor shower the Camelopardalids / MGN Online

Tonight the earth`s orbit passes through a stream of debris left behind from the comet "209p/linear" and it could be one the best meteor showers in years.

For the first time, the Camelopardalids will radiate from a faint constellation in the northern hemisphere called Camelopardalis (the giraffe), which is about midway between the Big Dipper and the constellation Cassiopeia.

The best time to view will be after midnight, with the peak expected between 2 am and 4 am.

Since this is a new meteor shower we could see a spectacular show or just a few shooting stars.

Experts are forecasting more than 200 meteors per hour but it could be much more or much less.

Meteor watching weather should be good tonight! Clear Skies and warm temperatures.

Could be a great way to kick off the Memorial Day weekend.