Can you pass the U.S. citizenship test?

The Bill of Rights inside the Albany Judicial Building. / Jessica Fairley

Monday was President's Day and FOX 31 went out to see how well do southwest Georgian's know there history.

We used part of the naturalization test that is used to gain U.S. citizenship.

Three people were quizzed about the 100 question test.

The first question was "What's the Supreme Law of the land?"

This was a hard one for Kenneth Lyles to answer. The answer to the question is The Constitution.

The first question was followed up with "What are the first three words of the constitution?" The answer for that question is "We the People."

Out of all three people questioned, it was a child who got the most answers correct on his own, without any help.

When asked, "Who wrote the Constitution?" Grayson Cude answered, "Thomas Jefferson." This was just one of the many questions that he got correct.

If you would like to take the full 100 question quiz, here is a link.