Can mosquito spray kill your pets?

Dougherty County Publics Works monitors mosquito growth in Albany. / Jessica Fairley

Summer is a time when we see more mosquitoes and for FOX 31's Facebook story of the day, locals wanted to know whether or not the spray officials use the keep the insects at bay is harmful to pets.

Dougherty County Public Works officials have been out spraying and monitoring areas that are prone to mosquito growth.

They say the spray that comes from their trucks is harmless.

"The mosquito spray is environmentally safe. Basically you would have to drink it in order for it to be harmful to you because of the small microns that comes out of the sprayer," says Donell Mathis, Dougherty County Public Works Environmental Control Manager.

Mathis says as we get more rain this week people should be sure to drain any sitting water around their homes because it can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Things to drain could include old tires, small pools and bird baths.

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