Can I catch bubonic plague in Georgia?

A patient diagnosed with bubonic plague / Courtesy: Centers For Disease Control

In our Facebook story of the day, you wanted to know if the bubonic plague was something you could catch in southwest Georgia?

Dr. Jacqueline Grant with the Southwest Health District says bubonic plague is very rare, especially in the east, where the climate is more humid.

A man in Oregon contracted the disease after being bitten by an infected feral cat.

Dr. Grant says it's a good idea to stay away from stray animals of any kind.

"That's just not a wise thing to do, you're going to get bitten and whereas here, it's probably not going to be bubonic plague, but it could be something else, rabies for example," says Grant.

The disease is treatable with antibiotics and symptoms include a swollen and tender lymph gland, fever, chills headache and extreme exhaustion.