Can a virus affect my ability to access the internet?

In our Facebook Story of the Day, you wanted to know if a computer virus can damage your ability to access the internet.

FOX 31 spoke to Brian Sartain of Albany Computer who said yes, your internet can be damaged by a virus.

"Surfing the internet and checking your email without virus protection and not expecting to get a virus is kind of like going out in the rain and not expecting to get wet," said Sartain.

To ensure that you're protected, buy an anti-virus software and install it before you surf the web. If you're worried about the cost, Sartain says some of the free programs are just as good.

For those who have already accessed the internet without protection, keep a close eye on your computer for any suspicious activity. If your computer starts acting slow, the web starts lagging or you're being directed to advertising sites while using a search engine, you may have a virus.

If you fear your computer is infected, Sartain suggests you take it to a store to get checked out because some viruses are time sensitive and will only get worse. Over time, a virus can wipe your data, hide your folders, or if it's bad enough, force you to reinstall your operating system.

If you suspect your computer may be infected or just want to take the precautionary steps to avoid a virus, you can call one of the technicians at Albany Computer by dialing 229-888-9550.