Camilla Walmart becomes a one stop shop

Photo Credit: Jessica Fairley

In less than a month the new Walmart in Camilla will open its doors. The store hired 60 new employees to work in the facility. Thursday many of them spent the day preparing for the grand opening.

Employees stocked shelves with an array of items that are not featured in the current Camilla Walmart store. Not only is the store expanding its inventory; it's adding sections that will make the store a one stop shop.

"We have a larger variety of grocery. We didn't have produce, so now we have produce," said Kimberly Alexander, store manager.

The produce section will take up nearly one third of the store and once shoppers are done, they don't have to wait in long lines, because self checkout lanes are set up for convenience.

Ashleigh Davis is one of the 60 new employees hired thanks to the expansion. She says the job will provide her with an income while she studies for her LPN certification.

"It's just a part time job to take care of my kids and something to do while I'm in school," said Ashleigh Davis, cashier.

The store is set to open on January 23rd.

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