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      Camilla now home to state's 2nd largest solar farm

      Camilla is now home to the second largest solar farm in Georgia.

      / Cody Long

      Camilla is now home to the second largest solar farm in Georgia.

      Sunny days are what community leaders are hoping for now that it's home to the largest solar farm south of Atlanta.

      "It works on sunny days," Mitchell County Commission Chairman Benjamin Hayward said. "The more sunshine, the more energy they pump into the system."

      Hayward says the project started six months ago. This energy is expected to reach 6,000 homes through Georgia Power.

      "Renewables are certainly a part of our generation investment," Georgia Power Area Manager Joe Truhett said. " It deals with nuclear, coal, gas, renewables, hydro, and energy efficiency and the point is that we can continue to have reliable, low cost energy for our customers."

      There are more than 66,000 panels that stretch across 150 acres.

      "Hopefully there's a lot of sunny days in Mitchell County so it can be a successful project and maybe some more people will want to locate here," Hayward said.

      The 20 megawatt solar project been a joint venture between Origis Energy and Georgia Power.

      The solar energy has been used now since November.