Calling in crime

Albany Police Dept. encourages you to call Crime Stoppers if you have a tip as well at 229-436-8477 / Allen Carter

Six people were taken to jail after a drug bust at a home in east Albany Thursday. Police caught wind of the case after getting phone calls about the house.

"It's based on complaints that we have received from the community and the city commission office," said Maj. Bill Berry of the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit.

In general police say the public is a valuable tool in helping them do their job.

"They can call about any criminal activity that they have witnessed or they may have information regarding. We gladly accept those tips. When we receive them we utilize the information to see if it will help us develop suspects or any additional information that we may need," said Phyllis Banks of the Albany Police Department.

Officers say not only are people utilizing the crime stoppers number for ongoing investigators, but more people are calling dispatch when things look out of place.

"They call that number to just call in suspicious activity or if they see a suspicious person in their community or any suspicious vehicles," said Banks.

If you saw something suspicious, like someone trying to break into a neighbor's house. Would you pick up the phone, and get involved?

"Sure because they ain't got any business being around nobody else's house," said Gregory Hicks.

"I would want someone to do the same thing for me if they saw someone breaking into my place. It just seems like the right thing to do," said Rochelle Gooliday.

"Yes I would. I wouldn't want someone breaking into my house or hurting me," said Tiffany Cathrell.

But what if you suspected your neighbor was the one doing the wrong-doing, like selling drugs?

"If they are doing illegal activities, It's around my place of domain. I wouldn't feel safe something could go wrong. I would most definitely call the police," said Gooliday.

"No I don't think I would call the police because i don't think that would be any of my business to," said Joe Hicks.

"I'd still call police because I've got children and I try to raise them right and the last thing i want to show them is if the neighbor is doing wrong, I don't want to teach them bad habits, I want to teach them right," said Heath Bass.

But there are different resources to report crime. To call Crime Stoppers dial 229-436-TIPS (8477). To report suspicious activity, call (229) 431-2132. Police prefer that people call that number rather than 911 in non-emergency situations.