Cab ride less than price tag on first time DUI

There's a hefty price tage for first time DUI offenders, including a $292 DUI Class

Dishing out some cash for a cab may not seem that pricey after learning the price tag for a first DUI offense.

"DUIs are pretty significant impositions on your comfort I'll tell you that," says District Attorney Greg Edwards.

If you get your first DUI offense, you'll be spending more than a night in jail; you'll be spending a lot of money. There's bail, a DUI class and the cost of change in driver's insurance.

Edwards says along with 40 hours of community service, 24 hours in jail, 12 months of probation and a limited permit, there's a $656 legal fine.

Don't forget the Risk Reduction Program, otherwise known as the DUI Class. The cost for this 20 hour class: $292.

"There are certain times of the year that we know there will be more DUI arrests and more people taking the classes," says Debra Storm, Owner and Instructor Dougherty County DUI and Defensive Driving School.

Storm says the months following New Years happen to be at the top.

Along with the class, first time offenders have to figure in car insurance adjustments.

"If they got a DUI and the insurance company finds out about it, then more than likely their insurance will be cancelled with that company all together," says Rick Muddridge with DWB Insurance.

There are some companies who will take drivers with DUI records.

"But it could be a significant increase in their rates. If they're a preferred driver and have a great rate they'll pay $300 every six months. Then once they get that DUI they could very well be paying $1,000 or more every six months," says Muddridge.

The grand total: $1,948. Just for a first time DUI. Not including attorney or towing fees.