Butterfly Garden sprouts wings and certification

Photo Credit: Colby Gallagher

The Butterfly Gardens at Radium Springs was named a certified Monarch Butterfly Pollinator Garden during a ceremony filled with community leaders on Tuesday.

The gardens are a collaboration of Dougherty County, Albany Technical College and Southwest Georgia Master Gardeners and are meant to preserve the natural resources in the area.

Dougherty County Commissioner Jeff Sinyard says it's vital to our area to preserve the natural vegetation and beauty of Radium Springs so generations to come can enjoy it.

Master Gardener Suzanna MacIntosh says if we don't preserve the area and it's resources, it affects more than we know. MacIntosh says the insects will start to die off which in turn affects the bird population and so on.

MacIntosh and her crew are excited to see how the garden has turned out and are looking forward to phase two where they'll start to utilize the grounds for community events.

Just like a caterpillar, organizers are hoping to see the Radium Springs Butterfly Gardens morph into something bigger and better in the years to come.

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